Leaking and How to Stay Permanently Dry

Leakage can be defined as a small amount of leaked urine after a sneeze or cough or during a jarring activity such as running or jumping. Or it can be the sudden urge to urinate so bad that you fear you will not make it to the toilet in time. Either way, both can be quite bothersome postpartum (and longer). These symptoms can most often be eliminated with proper pelvic floor training.

Urinary incontinence is experienced by more than 50% of women post delivery. Women who have had a vaginal delivery tend to demonstrate leakage up to one year postpartum at a higher rate than those women who delivered via cesarean section according to a study conducted by Obstetrics and Gynocology. Many women continue to live with urinary incontinence 5 or more years postpartum and approximately 1/3 of those women claim that it is "bothersome" to them.

I would like to see a change in the mindset of how we treat urinary incontinence. I cringe every time I see one of those "adult incontinence product" commercials. I understand its a good product for managing incontinence symptoms, but I would rather see commercials for "postpartum exercise programs"!

It starts with us! There are specific exercises with proven results that can remedy the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Mommy Ready Medical Providers have developed a specific sequence of strength training and relaxation exercises with a focus on breathing, support your daily activities, to do just this.

No more running back into the house to change your underwear after you sneezed when getting ready to walk to the park (this one happened to me on more than one occasion). No more embarrassing leakage when out for a run with your friends. No more sudden urge to use the toilet when in line at the grocery store.

So talk about it with your mom-friends and suggest Mommy Ready to your medical provider. Although, urinary incontinence is a common postpartum symptom, it is not something you need to live with. I didn't start addressing my incontinence until 6 years after my last delivery. How I wish I had known sooner! Through Mommy Ready I can share my success of staying dry with you.

"Bothersome" may not be a strong enough word for those experiencing urinary incontinence -- but let me tell you, the feeling that comes when you sneeze without leakage is pure joy!

Mommy Ready is the only comprehensive core restoration program designed by medical providers (who are mothers) to help you recover correctly from childbirth and resolve symptoms of Core Dysfunction. 
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