How to utilize a coach to get the results you are looking for.

Mentor, Instructor, Teacher, Trainer, Accountability Partner, Advisor, Guide, Aide....COACH.

One of the Mommy Ready Membership benefits is having a personal coach. Someone to listen, guide and direct you through the program to suit your specific needs and concerns. Someone who will help you reach your goals! And, lets be honest, someone who will push you to do things out of your comfort zone.

So how do you work with a coach while doing an online exercise program? How can you get the most from your coach to maximize the benefit of your Mommy Ready Experience?

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Amanda Baker, PTA (physical therapist assistant), CSS (core system specialist) and the Program Director for Mommy Ready. I have been working with Mommy Ready for over 2 years. I have watched this online program start as an idea and grow to greatness. It is an ever-evolving entity that challenges me to think outside of traditional physical therapy and medical practice each and every day.

In my practice of Physical Therapy, I have found that my high school cheerleading involvement has had such great impact on my career as well, basically a coach! I have been "coaching", teaching, training and advising my patients for almost 20 years now. Its really ironic how many times I have thought to myself "My cheer skills have really helped me prepare for my career!".

As a program coach, I find ways to connect with each Mommy Ready Member. I want to be accessible to offer my skills and knowledge as you navigate the program. But you need to make me a part of your tool box. Please reach out with questions and ideas. I need you to share how you are doing, so I can help guide you to succeed.

I am available through many outlets:

  • video chat

  • email

  • facebook member page

  • text

Remember, you have a free 30 minute video chat that came with your membership! Many women find this most helpful in the first two phases of the program. Email me to set one up.

Feel free to click on these links for recent Mommy Ready Member Only FB live events to help supplement the program.

Protecting your core when it is weak.

Core System Anatomy

Your Mommy Ready Coach is here to provide MORE to you as you go through the Mommy Ready Program. Utilize me as a resource towards your success!