3 Keys to Success in 2018

As a busy mom, it's all too easy to leave "taking care of myself" to the all elusive "when I have time." The beginning of January usually comes with reflection and anticipation of doing better; along with recognizing that taking care of your health positively effects everyone around you. When you feel good, you mother (sister, employee, friend, spouse) better. Here are 3 keys to finding success improving your health in 2018.

First - Start with a plan - write it out. Make it fit you. I was writing out a plan this week, dividing up strengthening exercises, yoga, sauna sessions, date nights and play dates to fit into my work, my kids school, my husbands time off, my life. I like to make it flexible, I put things I know I don't want to miss, first thing, early in the morning. I know if I plan something for an evening, I need a backup time for when life happens. For all of this planning I have a few basic things I know I need each week to keep me progressing and recovering each day. I also try to push myself in an area I need to grow. My New Years Resolution this year is to focus on gratitude, and write down three experiences I'm grateful for three times a week or more.

Second - Make your plan known. I started a campaign with my patients this week to get them not just making a goal to be healthier, but creating an opportunity for them to become accountable for that goal. Most all of us know one simple thing we could do that would improve our health. Knowledge is not what makes us healthy, putting what we know into practice is. The key to moving yourself past just knowing what you need to do is accountability. Though some of us are motivated enough to hold ourselves accountable, the majority of us need someone to be accountable to. Tell someone your plan, a spouse, a friend, a coach, or your medical provider, then check in with them as you go.

Third - Get support. At Mommy Ready we did something this December, we've never done before. Why? Because we recognized that more support equals more success. We could see that offering a membership for both a mother and her friend would create built-in support and accountability for both women. You can use this idea to find success in any area of improvement you wish to make. Working with a friend on any goal will bring you both more success.

The Mommy Ready Postpartum Program combines all these keys to success to help each mother restore core function and regain Active Confidence after childbirth. We provide the plan - easy to follow weekly exercises that take only 15 minutes/day. Each mother is assigned a Mommy Coach for you to check in with, who keeps you accountable. We encourage joining with a friend, as well as using our social forums, and events to meet other mothers and find the support to help you succeed.

Mommy Ready is the only comprehensive core restoration program designed by medical providers (who are mothers) to help you recover correctly from childbirth and resolve symptoms of Core Dysfunction. 
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