Caring for My Baby is Back Breaking Work. What Can I Do to Prevent Injury?

Being a mom is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs in the world. Sounds cliche, I know. Before I became a mom, I never knew just how much physical strength mommy-ing requires. Lifting, holding, bending, pushing. All with a wriggling 10 pound being that can't even hold his head up!

So how do I become the Super Mom, that takes care of my Super Baby?

Here at Mommy Ready, we've found that finding Super Strength comes through correct core function. Learning how to use your core muscles (abs, pelvic floor, etc.) properly after childbirth is what we teach you in the Mommy Ready Postpartum program.

Imagine your core muscle group as a cylinder around your spine. Now imagine if you went to lift your baby and the bottom fell out of that cylinder. What do you think happens to the stability of your spine?

Right, it goes from a nice strong pillar to a wobbly and unstable noodle!

The repetitive tasks of mommy-ing with the instability of a "noodle" spine can wreak havoc on our already recovering bodies. I can't say enough about just how important core function is in your goals to get your body back to pre-pregnancy or even better than pre-pregnancy status.

Super Moms want to confidently get to that stroller exercise class, hike while baby-wearing and even run that post baby marathon!


These pictures are from my post-baby marathon. Two weeks before I became pregnant with my daughter, I qualified for the Boston Marathon. I obviously couldn't do it that year. I tried again and missed my goal by 1 min. I have no doubt that if I would have known about the importance of core stability postpartum, I would have met my goal.


Having proper core stability significantly decreases your risk of low back pain, sacral iliac joint pain, hip and knee injuries, and even shoulder and neck injuries.

My family likes to build lego towers. We always start with a "rock solid base". I like to think of our core as the "rock solid base" to build upon all our movements. A strong, well functioning core can prevent a multitude of injuries.

Here are some basic tips for you to put into action today :

THINK before you move - visualize the cylinder - lifting the pelvic floor, gently drawing in the abdomen

BREATH in to prepare, breathe out as you contract your core.

BRACE by holding your contraction through a movement - lifting, bending, carrying even walking or running.

Our Mommy Ready Members, learn the most efficient and correct sequence to recruit the core, but these tips can help get you started. Your core should "hug" your spine not allowing it to curve forward or twist sideways.

Keeping your spine in alignment is also important. Learn more about alignment and how your core helps you with good posture in this article: