Join us for Mommy-Talk

At Mommy Ready we are improving postpartum care for all new mothers. The way that we do this best is by listening to the concerns and successes of the women we meet. I get to do this often in my medical practice - but I created Mommy Ready in order to reach more mothers than just those that I can see in my practice.

I want all women to have access to good information on postpartum care.

Mommy-Talk is our way of connecting with mothers all over the world to discuss common topics, important to maneuvering the ins and outs of motherhood. We want to hear from your experiences and welcome everyone (members or not) to participate.

Here are ways you can join us in Mommy-Talk:

1. Instagram: Follow us @mommyready. Watch for our Mommy-Talk post with the day's topic, then comment with your ideas and tag your friends to join in.

2. Facebook: Like our page mommyreadypostpartumprogram. Check your notifications for our Mommy-Talk post then comment and share!

3. Our Website: Visit and share your experiences and questions with us. Here you have the option to write a more lengthy text email, or you can share via video or audio recording. Participating through the website offers you privacy, meaning we do not share your submission without your permission. This way any mothers can share concerns they may not feel comfortable spreading across social media. We want to hear all of you - this is how!

We look forward to hearing from you. We use your comments to help us improve our programs -and we also share the ideas with other medical providers to help them provide better postpartum care specific to what mothers need.

Thanks for joining us!

Mommy Ready is the only comprehensive core restoration program designed by medical providers (who are mothers) to help you recover correctly from childbirth and resolve symptoms of Core Dysfunction. 
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