The Sage and the Fountain

A man suffering from years of body pain and poor health sought wisdom from the sage near his home to learn the cure for his ailments.

The wise sage taught him of a mountain in a far-away land with a fountain of water that had healing powers. Anyone who drank from this fountain, was made whole. The sage, knowing the man was poor both in health and in riches, cautioned him that the trek to the mountain was perilous - it would take planning and preparation, he would need to learn mountaineering and hire a guide - the cost to reach the fountain and return home was more than the man would make in a year.

The man left the sage discouraged. That evening his pain had worsened and he was unable to sleep. He determined that he must find a way to get to the fountain. The next morning, the man made a plan and over the next year he not only raised the funds but as other people in his village heard about his journey they too, they sold their belongings, practiced technique, and planned to join him on his trek to be healed of their own illnesses.

Upon returning from the mountain, the man hurried over to visit the sage, but he was not at home. He was told to find the sage in a nearby grove. The man crossed a field and found the sage walking out of a forested dell with the morning sunlight and the trickling of a stream. The man reported that he had been to the far away mountain, drank the water and as the sage had predicted, was healed as expected. The wise sage, smiled and told the man he was pleased, but continued to walk toward the town.

The man inquired where the sage was going. The sage replied that a young boy had fallen ill in the town and he was bringing him some healing water to help him recover. The man asked if the sage had saved some water from the mountain and kept some near his home. "No," said the sage, "In the grove of trees where you met me, there is a spring of healing water, the same as on the far away mountain."

The man stood speechless in disbelief, but soon became angry and confronted the sage asking why had he been sent on a perilous and expensive journey for healing waters, when there was a cure right near his own home? The wise sage gently smiled. He told the man how when he first discovered the healing powers of the water near his home, he had excitedly told everyone about it. Many came and were healed. But over time as he became known as a great healer, more people came, and when learning that the sage wished them to go drink out of a stream in the woods near his home, they left disbelieving, unwilling to try, for such a simple thing must surely never work.

The costs of healthcare and medications have never been higher. Many people go to great effort and financial sacrifice to find a "cure" for the health problems they are experiencing. Too often, upon recognizing early signs or trends suggesting the development of common illnesses such as diabetes, depression or core dysfunction, recommendations for changes in lifestyle habits such as nutrition or physical activity are disregarded and left unattempted. Following the story above, perhaps some people may start to walk across the field to the forest spring - only to turn back because the sun was too hot, or the grass too scratchy - they would come back, they thought, when they had a sun hat, or pants. Perhaps they heard about the spring and planned to go when the day was convenient - but they never scheduled it, and it never happened. Perhaps they had heard there was a spring, but they never took the time to look for it, never learning it was in their own backyard.

The path to true health or healing is simple. It is in the food that we eat, and the movements we take. Don't wait until you have the time/money to go to the gym - schedule time to exercise in your own home. Don't wait until you can afford that new weight loss solution, take the initiative

to learn about healing nutrition - and start today to make wise food choices. True health isn't costly or time consuming - it is how we choose to live each day.

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