Find your 'Active Confidence' with Mommy Ready

No more sitting on the sidelines!

I always feel excitement nearing the end of December anticipating the New Year and the new adventures that await. Perhaps, like me, you are contemplating your new year's resolutions. For me, I've been thinking, "I want to take my boys backpacking and join my husband on that backcountry ski trip." One year out from having my fourth baby these activities are starting to appear within reach. Of course, the real resolution is, "I need to get in shape!" I admit underlying those resolutions is some hesitation (or worry) - Am I ready for this? Can I do this safely without hurting myself? If you've failed to reach your fitness goals in past years because of injury, or fear of injury, try these three tips to keep your active aspirations reachable.

Tip #1 - Pay attention to the details. Ask yourself, "Why did I fail?" No, it's not that you lack motivation or you weren't determined enough. We all start out with plenty of that. What really stopped you from using that gym membership? Was it the pulled groin muscle the end of the first month that broke your rythm of going to cross fit? Or perhaps the fact that despite months of being really persistent your stomach still felt weak and flabby? Well, that is frustrating. Injuries and lack of results are both reasons why the efforts we make to juggle schedules and lose sleep to get back into shape can frazzle our nerves and throw our determination out the door.

It wasn't lack of motivation that made you stop. A common cause of failed results or injury with exercise in childbearing women is core dysfunction. This year, set a goal to determine why your back gets so tired from working around the house or to talk to your medical provider about how to stop leaking urine so you can jump on the trampoline with your kids. Sure, make a goal to - run a triathalon, but also set an appointment to discover, why my hip keeps popping when I ride my bike? It may be that this year addressing the source of those little annoyances will be the key to your success!

Tip #2 - Join in the Fun! Having a workout partner is typically at the top of the charts for helping you stay accountable for your workouts. Whether it's your hubby or whichever girlfriend can work into the same schedule as you, an exercise partner can be motivating and make your workouts more fun. This year, make it a group effort. Instead of stopping at one successfull candidate, enlist a group of participants who want to join you in reaching a fitness goal this year. Share the load of workout ideas, split the cost of a trainer, share healthy recipes and pictures in a social media group.

Last year my husband and kids were my group as we achieved #100daysofhiking. Afterwards we were all in better shape and the kids were so excited they wanted to keep going. This year I'm starting a Yoga group with #AnacortesAdventureClub, to meet my fitness goal, and I hope new friends and old will join in! Not the organizing type? You'll benefit by supporting others and joining in the fun - maybe even trying something new!

Tip #3 - Don't give up. Don't let a popped tire ruin your roadtrip. There will be bumps in the road, just expect it to happen. A child will get sick and keep you up all night. You'll shoot for the top of the mountain an only make it halfway. Your schedule will get crazy and you'll miss a day (or a week). That's ok! Keep driving. Don't wait! Don't tell yourself, "I'll start next week." Do something now; even something little that shows you are not giving up. Spending time on your fitness not only benefits you but improves your ability to actively participate in all of your responsibilities as a mother. So simplify, prioritize and drive on!

If you're sitting on the sidelines worrying that you may get injured if you participate or you have symptoms like back or pelvic pain, incontinence, abdominal weakness or bulging that are stopping you from jumping into the action, these are all symptoms of core dysfunction. Mommy Ready teaches you how to regain active confidence by helping you identify dysfunction and reactivate your core system. Our program is not just for you, but for your medical provider too. Mommy Ready was created by medical proffessionals who are intent on teaching both women, and medical providers techniques they can use to identify and address core dysfunction.

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