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Mommy Ready Postpartum Program is an exercise program created for every mother to help her restore core function after pregnancy and resume her regular exercise routine safely. A working core is key to decreasing a mother's risk of back or other injury during regular daily activities.  
Program Details
  • 7 phases each with workouts that progress your core fitness
  • 7 self-assessments that allow you to move to the next phase or help you recognize symptoms that require additional attention
  • Education in each phase about core physiology
  • Simple exercises you do at home in 15 minutes or less
  • No special equipment or extras you need to buy
  • Available anywhere you have internet on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Printable exercise descriptions and exercise tracking sheets for when you are off-line
  • Links to additional reliable resources (i.e., books by healthcare and movment specialists, articles on postpartum care and women's health


Membership details
One-time payment of $150 includes: 
  • One-year access to online program
  • One video consult with a Mommy Ready coach
  • Unlimited email support
  • Lifetime access to private social support network for Mommy Ready members

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again (without worry) by restoring your core properly after childbirth.


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How does the program work?



The Mommy Ready Program is divided into 
Each phase has 



There are videos, visual aids, descriptions and printable tracking sheets (with instructions) for all the exercises and stretches in each phase, as well as lifestyle modifications and educational articles to help you reach your goals.
You can take as little or as much time as you need to complete the goals in each phase.
Check-in weekly with your program coach and get additional help via video chat or unlimited email.  
To check your progress or to continue on to the next phase you complete a 


which is a series of questions to help you determine if you are
ready to move on.  
Even after you complete the program you still have your coach's support. 
Prior to finishing the program a coach helps you complete a 12-week workout plan, to help you maintain good habits of daily physical activity and to successfully transition to an exercise program of your choice.  
The 1-year membership gives you access to our online program and a coach. You also get lifetime access to our social support networks.
Mommy Ready helps new mothers recover correctly right after childbirth to prevent core dysfunction, or helps you restore core function even after years of postpartum problems - so you can DO what you LOVE.

- Lori, 33 

3 years postpartum 

"I had thought that after 3 children I was stuck with the "mommy pooch" and would never be able to get back into shape or do simple things like jumping jacks without a little embarrassment. Going through this program has given me the guidance I needed to reactivate my core muscles and allow me to get back in shape so I can spend more time with my kids."

- Jean, 61 

20 years postpartum 

"I have 11 children. My baby is 20 years old. I think I have experienced most of the negative side effects of core dysfunction. Mommy Ready has helped me feel encouraged that I can continue to strengthen my core to help me enjoy the activities I like."

- Christina, 30 

5 months postpartum 

"The breathing and core contracting techniques really helped me focus on specific muscle groups that I needed to isolate...I gleaned so much knowledge in how to continue on to strengthen my core."

- Leora, 60 


"I can’t believe how well a few exercises a day can improve a problem.  I am a Grandmother, and Mother of four children.  I have had slight bladder incontinence when I sneeze or cough for years.  I just assumed it came with age and having children.  When coughing, I would cross my legs when standing, or if sitting or lying down, I’d run to the bathroom.  Heather gave me exercises to do each day.  I can’t believe how quickly I have seen results.  I no longer run for the bathroom or cross my legs.  This has been a wonderful improvement to my everyday life!  Thank you Heather, for your instructions and help!"