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Online Mommy Ready Postpartum Program to restore core function after pregnancy and help mother's transition to a regular exercise program with reduced risk of injury.  
This program addresses common postpartum problems and is a self-guided exercise program adjustable in length by the member.  Typically taking 10-12 weeks to complete.  Self-assessments at the end of each of the 7 Phases guide the member through correct exercise and alignment for optimum results.  
Support through email, video chat and member's only social groups to assure participants find benefit from the program and encouragement from a community of mothers. 
This program starts wherever you are at, builds upon what you have and helps you identify what you need, to gain "active confidence" in all the activities of being a mother. 

Product Details
Online fitness program. Exercise instruction and education on postpartum problems via website or email. Downloadable pages of exercises and exercise tracking sheets. Videos and educational articles.
Unlimited email support with program coach, as well as 1 free 30 min video chat. Additional video chat's can be purchased separately. 
This product DOES NOT INCLUDE an ultrasound assessment or visit with a medical provider. These are separate services that are recommended but not offered by the online Mommy Ready Postpartum Program. See our Provider Directory for information on how to contact a medical provider who offers this service. This is an online product. NOTHING IS SHIPPED. NO PROVIDER PATIENT RELATIONSHIP IS ESTABLISHED WITH PURCHASE OF THIS SERVICE.  CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO STARTING A NEW EXERCISE PROGRAM.  

Online Mommy Ready Postpartum Program

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