Physician Assistant Founder of Mommy Ready Postpartum Program

Heather Christensen, PA-C, CSS

Physician Assistant, Core System Specialist

Founder of Mommy Ready

CEO Core System US and The Centre of Health

Amanda Baker, LPTA, CSS

Mommy Ready Program Director

Physical Therapy Assistant

Core System Specialist


David Lemme,DO

Osteopathic Physician

Greg Fritz,PT

Physical Therapist
Licensed Ultrasound
Specialist RMSK, Educator

The above contributors have participated in education, guidance, providing professional expertise and techniques to improve the Mommy Ready Programs and Core System Screenings.  None are employed by or received financial reimbursement from their involvement nor are associated legally with the Mommy Ready a division of Core Systems US, LLC .  

Special thanks to the following people for their ideas,
support, and encouragement:

Amy Harrington, PT Pelvic Floor Specialist / Kaijsa Cardon, Editor / Elizabeth Hampton, PT,  Lori Twitchell, Business Volunteer /  Kathy Garde, MD, OB/GYN

Kathryn Merrill, DPT /  Robyn Oczkewics, DPT / Joseph Augustine, sonographer, educator.